Poem: Infatuation

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The glimmer in your eyes,

the smile on your face,

the way you say hello

sends shock waves beyond control.

I cannot pinpoint a one word description.

The feeling is so overwhelming.

The thoughts are so plentiful.

The fantasy feeds on curiosity.

The emotions are transparent.

The look is unmistakable.

The condition is sometimes undetected.

Nevertheless, it happens,

in a word, in a sigh,

and in passing.

It happens.


Poem: Anger

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Anger is a dangerous emotion.

It happens when things do not go according to plans.

It is fueled by discontent, unhappiness, and disorder.

It is sometimes uncontrollable.

It is always harmful

to self and others.

Anger is a release of bad vibes.

It is a reaction to a distasteful action.

Anger must be controlled.

If not, it could lead to irreversible deeds.

Once done, there is no turning back.

One must be careful of their reactions

and conscious of their thoughts.

Be careful not to get out of control

and be mindful of others.