Poem: Insatiable Desire

Posted in Joys of Romance tagged , , , , , , at 1:10 PM by Kay

I met you so long ago.

You were a stranger I wanted to know.

There was something about you I had to know.

I had to feel your touch.

I wanted you that much.

There you were my insatiable desire.

Someone who set my heart on fire.

The passion we felt was beyond compare.

The memories we shared will always be there.

I cherish the time we spent together

loving each other and existing as one.

My insatiable desire you will always be.

There is no other person who will affect me

like the effect you have on me.

You took me to another world.

This is a world unknown to most.

In that world,

I felt secure

because our love was so pure.

I will never love another as I love you.

My insatiable desire will always hold true.

You will always be my insatiable desire.