Poem: It Hurts

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Sometimes the pain never goes away.

It creeps up on you like you are its prey.

It brings you down when you are all alone.

It tries its best to make you its home.

It makes you cry deep inside.

It exposes feelings so deep you tried to hide.

Memories of hurt still felt

and shattered dreams, hopes, and desires.

You wonder when the pain will cease.

You hope for a quick release.

Nevertheless, the pain is there.

It attacks you when you are unaware.

It takes you back to a circumstance

that hurts,

that lingers,

and that is there.


Poem: I Feel You

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When there is a crack in your voice,

a look of distress on your face,

abruptness in your talk,

slowness in your walk,

I feel you.

I feel things are not going right in your life.

I feel the pain.

I feel the sadness.

I feel the hesitation to respond.

I feel the desire to release

but hesitation.

I feel, I notice, I reflect,

and I wonder

how are you dealing with your emotions.

I hope it is in a positive manner.

I hope you will make it through this trial and tribulation.

I am hoping, wondering, and praying

because I feel you.


Poem: With This Breath I Do Take

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With this breath, I do take

full control of my life.

I must not let the pain of the past

overshadow my future.

I promise to forgive my enemies

and forgive myself for my transgressions.

For every day I wake,

I promise the Lord

I will make it great.

I will no longer allow myself to mope around

and feel sorry for myself.

I will rise to the good

and fight the bad.

I will love with a love

I have never had

now, tomorrow,

and for the rest of my life.


Poem: Words Cannot Describe

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Words cannot describe

the depth of your touch,

or the feeling it sends

throughout my body.

I look in your eyes,

and I see your heart.

I feel your pain,

and I feel your love.

The times we share

brings such happiness

taking me to

a time unknown.

Words cannot describe

how much I love you

or how you make me feel inside.

I will never forget

the strength of your touch.

It overcomes my body and soul.

I think of you

every waking moment.

Dreaming of you

‘til the end of time.

Never will I love

another as I love you.

You bring good to my life.

I am thinking of you

every day

wishing you

would come my way.

Words cannot describe

my feelings for you.

Feelings so deep

and feelings so true.

As time passes,

I will always love you.

You will forever remain

a part of me

for now,


and eternity.