Poem: Life

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Life is like a story book.

It has a beginning and it has an ending.

Life is something everyone must experience.

No matter how tough it gets

you have to keep on living.

Life is a gift from God.

You either keep it or you do not.

Life has its ups and downs.

It takes a strong person to take it.

Life must not be taken for granted.

It must be cherished and made the best of.

For one to end his or her life

is one who does not appreciate gifts.

It is one who is weak and unconcerned about God’s greatest gift.

Life should be lived to the fullest

and should end when God sees fit.


Poem: Life’s Lonely Reign

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Life is something given from God.

Its span is indeterminable.

Life brings with it many things,

some good and some bad.

Life is such a lonely soul.

It is not promised one minute to the next.

Life is so wonderful to have.

It should be enjoyed to the fullest.

Life has no definite meaning.

It is something we all go through.

Life has no superiors.

It is the greatest gift of all.


Poem: I Feel You

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When there is a crack in your voice,

a look of distress on your face,

abruptness in your talk,

slowness in your walk,

I feel you.

I feel things are not going right in your life.

I feel the pain.

I feel the sadness.

I feel the hesitation to respond.

I feel the desire to release

but hesitation.

I feel, I notice, I reflect,

and I wonder

how are you dealing with your emotions.

I hope it is in a positive manner.

I hope you will make it through this trial and tribulation.

I am hoping, wondering, and praying

because I feel you.


Poem: Be You

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In life, you must learn to be you.

At times, it may seem hard

but doing it is a very good start

to lifelong happiness.

You must not try to please people

especially if you are not pleasing you.

You should not live by others standards.

Live by your own.

If you believe in something,

when others do not.

Do not be disappointed

and do not give up.

If you happen to be wrong,

at least you know

you were being you.

You should not have to follow a pattern.

You should not have to follow in anyone’s footsteps.

You should be able to make your own.

We were all born as individuals.

We all should live as individuals.

Accomplish that by being you.

Do not worry.

Do not be scared.

Just be you.


Poem: Remembering Nature

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The wind gently blows the leaves

as the birds chirp away.

The summer heat strengthens its power

as the shade of the trees restricts its reach.

The beauty of nature surrounds the city

as the people go about their day.

A mother takes her child to the park

to burn some of the energy away.

We all live in a world where sometimes

the simplest of things are taken for granted.


Poem: With This Breath I Do Take

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With this breath, I do take

full control of my life.

I must not let the pain of the past

overshadow my future.

I promise to forgive my enemies

and forgive myself for my transgressions.

For every day I wake,

I promise the Lord

I will make it great.

I will no longer allow myself to mope around

and feel sorry for myself.

I will rise to the good

and fight the bad.

I will love with a love

I have never had

now, tomorrow,

and for the rest of my life.


Poem: Sometimes I Feel Like My World is Tumbling Down

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Sometimes I feel like my world is tumbling down.

Then I realize I could not even be around.

I wonder how I could have been such a fool.

I was a fool, a fool in love.

I loved this man with all of my heart.

However, circumstances tore us apart.

Sometimes I wonder how I can go on.

I know life must go on

Sometimes we make wrong decisions that shift

our life in an unknown direction

At the time, we think we are doing the right thing.

In life, we learn the heart can be misleading.

With each mistake comes a time of reflection.

Why oh why did I choose such direction?

I will never view love as naively as I did before.

With each chance meeting, I will proceed with caution.

I will live life being thankful for every breath I take

and every move I make.

I thank God for allowing me to survive.

Without him, nothing is possible.

I give advice whenever I can

and heed advice whenever I can.

If I can save only one life,

I feel as if I have scored a million.

Life is so precious,

and life should be lived to the fullest

It is silly to say I wish I could live life over.

What is wrong with living life now?

Tomorrow is not promised.

Love is not promised.

However, love does exist.

Love does not hurt

and love doesn’t kill.

Love cannot be bought.

Love must be learned and earned.

Love is necessary for a blissful life.

I love myself for who I am

and not for who I am to anyone else.

To get through any bad thing,

there must be a good thing

I am the good thing, and I love me.

Whether fat or thin,

I love me.

Whether rich or poor,

I love me.

Love yourself first,

and others will love and respect you

Be strong for you

if you can’t be strong for anyone else.

With every mistake,

reflect and go on.

Do not spend a lot of time wondering…what if.

Go after your dreams.

Live life, love life, and most of all be happy.

I am happy with me

and there is not a person I would rather be.

It took a lot to get to this point.

I do not regret a thing.

I am a better person to have survived

and a stronger person to have gone through it.


Poem: Sometimes

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Sometimes the burdens become so great.

Too great, sometimes for the heart to bear.

In those times an ear is needed

to listen, to confide in, to console.

When that ear is not easily found,

the Lord’s ear is always around.

He is non-judgmental and always there.

Through undying faith

the Lord will heal that burdened, bleeding heart

and in time,

the burdens will cease.

Your heart will rejoice from release.

Sometimes we doubt the present and wonder why.

Life is too short for doubt and disbelief.

We must strive to always do what is right.

Keep our faith and realize that

sometimes we are put to a test

requiring strength stronger than physical strength.

This strength is faith and cannot be touched.

It is not seen and is not learned.

It is felt.

When your belief is so immense,

that it cannot be broken.

The burdens that come to pass will not last

and your life will be more enriched

not just sometimes,

but all of the time.