Poem: Infatuation

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The glimmer in your eyes,

the smile on your face,

the way you say hello

sends shock waves beyond control.

I cannot pinpoint a one word description.

The feeling is so overwhelming.

The thoughts are so plentiful.

The fantasy feeds on curiosity.

The emotions are transparent.

The look is unmistakable.

The condition is sometimes undetected.

Nevertheless, it happens,

in a word, in a sigh,

and in passing.

It happens.


Poem: I Feel You

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When there is a crack in your voice,

a look of distress on your face,

abruptness in your talk,

slowness in your walk,

I feel you.

I feel things are not going right in your life.

I feel the pain.

I feel the sadness.

I feel the hesitation to respond.

I feel the desire to release

but hesitation.

I feel, I notice, I reflect,

and I wonder

how are you dealing with your emotions.

I hope it is in a positive manner.

I hope you will make it through this trial and tribulation.

I am hoping, wondering, and praying

because I feel you.