Poem: It is Time

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It is time to make a change.

Dreams are unfulfilled

and goals are not met.

Life has become unbearable,

undesirable and unwanted.

It is time to do what is necessary

to uplift and upgrade,

to make life better,

to make the heart happier,

to enjoy the air we breathe

and to enjoy the life we lead.

It is time to enjoy,

to live,

to be thankful,

to be grateful

and to be satisfied.


Poem: Do Not Give Up

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Giving up is the coward’s way out

to a bad situation,

to a dream unfulfilled

and to goals unmet.

Giving up is surrendering desires

and selling out ambition.

Giving up is releasing power of perseverance,

dedication and determination.

Giving up is a departure of will,

exit of vision,

denial of positivity

and acceptance of negativity.

To save the heart

and to rescue the soul,

do not give up.


Poem: A Fallen Star

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You were once on top

winning awards

and starring in movies,

but now

your star has faded.

All the publicity

has turned to negativity

and your dreams

have faded away.