Poem: Extensions of Me

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They grew inside my body for nine months,

individuals innocent and helpless.

I was not prepared for their impact.

I knew they were part of me.

Time would reveal their importance.

These individuals would change my life forever.

My love for them is unconditional.

My dedication is limitless.

My thoughts are always on them.

They are a part of my life.

They are a part of my world.

They are my children

and extensions of me.


Poem: Children

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Children are a joy to have,

but expensive to raise.

As babies, their innocence is to begrudge.

As toddlers, their activity ignites hysteria.

The older they get, the more challenging they become.

There is not a day that goes by without drama.

Children are our future.

They are gifts from God.

We are to love and protect them,

teach and guide them,

and honor and respect them.