Poem: Do It for the Children

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The children are our future.

They are buds in waiting

and prospects for greatness.

They need stability, love, and two strong parents.

Careful thought must be given to actions affecting children.

Children are impressionable.

One wrong action

can result in a life of pain,

destroy a child’s adulthood,

and affect their mental state,

causing turmoil in their life,

destroying their present,

and affecting their future.

It is better to think before you act,

consider the potential results of your actions,

work out problems as adults,

become better parents,

love yourself,

honor your mate

and make decisions that will be better for the children,

better for you

resulting in a better quality of life.


Poem: Children

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Children are a joy to have,

but expensive to raise.

As babies, their innocence is to begrudge.

As toddlers, their activity ignites hysteria.

The older they get, the more challenging they become.

There is not a day that goes by without drama.

Children are our future.

They are gifts from God.

We are to love and protect them,

teach and guide them,

and honor and respect them.