Poem: Yield Not to Temptation

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Temptation appears at anytime.

It is desire for something you do not need.

Sometimes the desire is so strong.

It is hard to resist.

Mental activity is at an utmost high.

Should I or should I not?

Consideration must be given

for the consequences.

There may be a high price to pay

for indulging

in a deed.

You will have to pay

because once done,

it is done,

and there is no turning back

because the devil has won.


Poem: Choices

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In life, we must make choices

to love,

and to hate.

Choices are a fact of life.

It is non-avoidable

and inevitable.

Care must be exercised

in the choices we make.

Once a choice is made

There is no turning back.

We must live with the consequences

whether good or bad.

Learn from our past,

plan for our future,

and live in the present.


Poem: It Hurts

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Sometimes the pain never goes away.

It creeps up on you like you are its prey.

It brings you down when you are all alone.

It tries its best to make you its home.

It makes you cry deep inside.

It exposes feelings so deep you tried to hide.

Memories of hurt still felt

and shattered dreams, hopes, and desires.

You wonder when the pain will cease.

You hope for a quick release.

Nevertheless, the pain is there.

It attacks you when you are unaware.

It takes you back to a circumstance

that hurts,

that lingers,

and that is there.


Poem: Sacrifices

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You are caught between should I or should I not.

Indecisiveness is in full swing.

You are weighing the pros and the cons.

You desire an answer.

An answer only you can provide.

What do you do when life decisions arise?

You wonder.

You ponder.

You reach deep inside.

The decision you make will affect your life

in a way you never thought of.

Nevertheless, a decision has to be made.

Roads have to be traveled.

Pain has to be felt.

Life sometimes presents us with decisions

requiring sacrifices.

Giving to receive,

receiving and losing,

taking a path into the unknown

are the sacrifices of life.


Poem: Do It for the Children

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The children are our future.

They are buds in waiting

and prospects for greatness.

They need stability, love, and two strong parents.

Careful thought must be given to actions affecting children.

Children are impressionable.

One wrong action

can result in a life of pain,

destroy a child’s adulthood,

and affect their mental state,

causing turmoil in their life,

destroying their present,

and affecting their future.

It is better to think before you act,

consider the potential results of your actions,

work out problems as adults,

become better parents,

love yourself,

honor your mate

and make decisions that will be better for the children,

better for you

resulting in a better quality of life.


Poem: Life

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Life is like a story book.

It has a beginning and it has an ending.

Life is something everyone must experience.

No matter how tough it gets

you have to keep on living.

Life is a gift from God.

You either keep it or you do not.

Life has its ups and downs.

It takes a strong person to take it.

Life must not be taken for granted.

It must be cherished and made the best of.

For one to end his or her life

is one who does not appreciate gifts.

It is one who is weak and unconcerned about God’s greatest gift.

Life should be lived to the fullest

and should end when God sees fit.


Poem: Life’s Lonely Reign

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Life is something given from God.

Its span is indeterminable.

Life brings with it many things,

some good and some bad.

Life is such a lonely soul.

It is not promised one minute to the next.

Life is so wonderful to have.

It should be enjoyed to the fullest.

Life has no definite meaning.

It is something we all go through.

Life has no superiors.

It is the greatest gift of all.


Poem: Secrets

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An undisclosed event

is heavy on your mind.

Something so painful

you rather not tell.

It haunts you in the daytime,

and it haunts you at night.

You fear its disclosure

will disrupt your life

and cause problems you do not need.

You wish it would go away

and not be a force against you.

What do you do when someone finds out?

Do you deny, confirm, or disregard?

Or do you confront it?

It is better to deal with it and pray.

Why put it off another day.


Poem: Extensions of Me

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They grew inside my body for nine months,

individuals innocent and helpless.

I was not prepared for their impact.

I knew they were part of me.

Time would reveal their importance.

These individuals would change my life forever.

My love for them is unconditional.

My dedication is limitless.

My thoughts are always on them.

They are a part of my life.

They are a part of my world.

They are my children

and extensions of me.


Poem: Be Careful What You Do

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Be careful what you do

because someone is always watching you.

A deed done in the past

always has a way of resurfacing,

creeping up on you when you least suspect,

and causing pain and turmoil.

You tried so hard to hide

the feeling you kept inside.

The deed is out in the open

for all to see.

You wonder what is to be.

First you panic,

then you consult,

then you realize

that you must confront it like an adult,

face the consequences,

and be careful what you do.

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