Poem: Follow Your Heart

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When desire is so intense

that you can taste it and see it.

You must act upon it

because you have only one life to live.

No one can live your dreams but you.

If you do not follow your heart,

you will live a life dictated by others,

a life unfulfilled

and dreams not pursued.


Poem: It is Time

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It is time to make a change.

Dreams are unfulfilled

and goals are not met.

Life has become unbearable,

undesirable and unwanted.

It is time to do what is necessary

to uplift and upgrade,

to make life better,

to make the heart happier,

to enjoy the air we breathe

and to enjoy the life we lead.

It is time to enjoy,

to live,

to be thankful,

to be grateful

and to be satisfied.


Poem: Do Not Give Up

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Giving up is the coward’s way out

to a bad situation,

to a dream unfulfilled

and to goals unmet.

Giving up is surrendering desires

and selling out ambition.

Giving up is releasing power of perseverance,

dedication and determination.

Giving up is a departure of will,

exit of vision,

denial of positivity

and acceptance of negativity.

To save the heart

and to rescue the soul,

do not give up.


Poem: Be You

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In life, you must learn to be you.

At times, it may seem hard

but doing it is a very good start

to lifelong happiness.

You must not try to please people

especially if you are not pleasing you.

You should not live by others standards.

Live by your own.

If you believe in something,

when others do not.

Do not be disappointed

and do not give up.

If you happen to be wrong,

at least you know

you were being you.

You should not have to follow a pattern.

You should not have to follow in anyone’s footsteps.

You should be able to make your own.

We were all born as individuals.

We all should live as individuals.

Accomplish that by being you.

Do not worry.

Do not be scared.

Just be you.


Poem: The Path to Success

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The path to success

is sometimes a turbulent road.

Obstacles come along

and throw you a curve.

You veer to the right

to avoid impact

but sometimes

you are struck anyway.

You come out

without a scratch

but cautiously

proceed on.

Before you know it,

your goal is reached

and success

you have won.


Poem: Persistence

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Persistence is resistance to distraction.

It is diligence to a cause.

It is never giving up

until a goal is reached.

It is strong determination

and undying will.

It is hard work

and dedication.

It is irrepressible strength.

It is extraordinary desire.

It is extreme focus

and not accepting no for an answer.


Poem: Sometimes I Feel Like My World is Tumbling Down

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Sometimes I feel like my world is tumbling down.

Then I realize I could not even be around.

I wonder how I could have been such a fool.

I was a fool, a fool in love.

I loved this man with all of my heart.

However, circumstances tore us apart.

Sometimes I wonder how I can go on.

I know life must go on

Sometimes we make wrong decisions that shift

our life in an unknown direction

At the time, we think we are doing the right thing.

In life, we learn the heart can be misleading.

With each mistake comes a time of reflection.

Why oh why did I choose such direction?

I will never view love as naively as I did before.

With each chance meeting, I will proceed with caution.

I will live life being thankful for every breath I take

and every move I make.

I thank God for allowing me to survive.

Without him, nothing is possible.

I give advice whenever I can

and heed advice whenever I can.

If I can save only one life,

I feel as if I have scored a million.

Life is so precious,

and life should be lived to the fullest

It is silly to say I wish I could live life over.

What is wrong with living life now?

Tomorrow is not promised.

Love is not promised.

However, love does exist.

Love does not hurt

and love doesn’t kill.

Love cannot be bought.

Love must be learned and earned.

Love is necessary for a blissful life.

I love myself for who I am

and not for who I am to anyone else.

To get through any bad thing,

there must be a good thing

I am the good thing, and I love me.

Whether fat or thin,

I love me.

Whether rich or poor,

I love me.

Love yourself first,

and others will love and respect you

Be strong for you

if you can’t be strong for anyone else.

With every mistake,

reflect and go on.

Do not spend a lot of time wondering…what if.

Go after your dreams.

Live life, love life, and most of all be happy.

I am happy with me

and there is not a person I would rather be.

It took a lot to get to this point.

I do not regret a thing.

I am a better person to have survived

and a stronger person to have gone through it.


Welcome to my world of poetry.

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Loving Yourself

Loving yourself is vital to existence.

When you love yourself,

you generate positive energies.

You have the desire to dream

and have self-esteem so great

that no one or nothing can tear it apart.

You only want the best for yourself

and will settle for nothing less.

You are important to your survival

and rely on no one to make you happy

because your happiness exists within.