Poem: Be Careful What You Do

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Be careful what you do

because someone is always watching you.

A deed done in the past

always has a way of resurfacing,

creeping up on you when you least suspect,

and causing pain and turmoil.

You tried so hard to hide

the feeling you kept inside.

The deed is out in the open

for all to see.

You wonder what is to be.

First you panic,

then you consult,

then you realize

that you must confront it like an adult,

face the consequences,

and be careful what you do.


Poem: Break the Ice

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Tension escalating.

Solemn looks.

No conversation.

People sitting in a room.

Not a sound can be heard.

It is a roomful of human robots

waiting to be activated.

A brave soul initiates conversation.

A response is given,

and the ice has been broken.


Poem: The Rebel

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The rebel goes against the grain.

The rebel is opinionated and determined.

The rebel is without a cause.

The rebel is an outcast in society.

The rebel is an innovator

and confident in own thoughts and ideas.

The rebel rejects the norms.

The rebel lives life according to own standards

and defines true happiness.


Poem: Selling Yourself Short

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Life’s span is indeterminable

and should be enjoyed to the fullest.

When you accept status quo,

instead of aspiring for more,

you are selling yourself short,

and giving up dreams and ambitions.

You do not achieve the goals necessary for fulfillment

and live a life of misery.


Poem: Children

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Children are a joy to have,

but expensive to raise.

As babies, their innocence is to begrudge.

As toddlers, their activity ignites hysteria.

The older they get, the more challenging they become.

There is not a day that goes by without drama.

Children are our future.

They are gifts from God.

We are to love and protect them,

teach and guide them,

and honor and respect them.


Poem: Change

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What is change?

Is it temporary or permanent?

Is it conditional or non-conditional?

Is it a passing mood?

Change happens at the spur of the moment.

It happens at the drop of a coin.

It is instantaneous and spontaneous.

For better or for worse,

it happens.

It is unavoidable but adaptable.

It is uncontrollable but adjustable.

When life appears to be beating you down,

just change.


Poem: The Myth

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The myth,

mystical as it seems,

exaggerated as it is,

it is an assumed thought

with no reality involved.

It is extracted from

an exclusive occurrence

or occurrences.

It is believed as the truth

and passed from generation

to generation.

It is never before challenged

until curiosity intercedes.

It is discovered as a lie

and no longer believed as the truth.

It exists as it is,

a myth and nothing else.



Poem: The Search

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As I look at my life,

I think of all of the problems I had.

I think of how they were solved.

I think of whom all was there.

I think a lot about the future.

I think about what I want.

I think about how life would be

if I lived in different surroundings.

There seem to be something missing.

I do not know what.

I want to find out.

I am never satisfied when I am up.

What is this thing I want?

What is this thing I seek?

How will I know when I find it?

How will I know how to keep it?

I wonder if I will ever find it.

One day it will come.

Until then, the search is on.



Poem: I Am

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I am a bird seeking a worm to quench my hunger.

I am a stray cat looking for a loving owner.

I am a frog hopping from one yard to the next.

I am a snake slithering through the grass

trying to avoid what may harm me.

I am a lion that roars when I am defeated.

I am an owl that sits in a tree.

I am a car that slowly gives out.

I am what I am

and that is what I will always be.


Poem: Second Chance

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O Lord

grant me a second chance

to be more positive,

to be more loving,

to be more forgiving,

to be more righteous

and to give more honor to you Lord.

I have fallen short of the glory,

participated in sinful things

and forgot about my blessings.

O Lord

grant me a second chance

to prove what I really possess inside.

Give me the strength to carry on

when I am weak

and when I am strong.

Oh Lord

forgive me of my sins

and cleanse my spirit and soul.