Poem: I Am Trying Lord

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I am trying Lord to do things right.

At times, I know I took the wrong path.

Oh, please Lord

redeem my spirit,

calm my nerves

and strengthen my heart.

because I am weak.

Oh, I pray Lord

you forgive me for my transgressions,

evil thoughts and weak spirit.

I am trying Lord to do things right.

I plea for another chance Lord

to receive your kindness and blessings.

I will not give up my faith in you Lord

because I am trying Lord to do things right.



Poem: It is Time

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It is time to make a change.

Dreams are unfulfilled

and goals are not met.

Life has become unbearable,

undesirable and unwanted.

It is time to do what is necessary

to uplift and upgrade,

to make life better,

to make the heart happier,

to enjoy the air we breathe

and to enjoy the life we lead.

It is time to enjoy,

to live,

to be thankful,

to be grateful

and to be satisfied.


Poem: Do Not Give Up

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Giving up is the coward’s way out

to a bad situation,

to a dream unfulfilled

and to goals unmet.

Giving up is surrendering desires

and selling out ambition.

Giving up is releasing power of perseverance,

dedication and determination.

Giving up is a departure of will,

exit of vision,

denial of positivity

and acceptance of negativity.

To save the heart

and to rescue the soul,

do not give up.


Poem: Infatuation

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The glimmer in your eyes,

the smile on your face,

the way you say hello

sends shock waves beyond control.

I cannot pinpoint a one word description.

The feeling is so overwhelming.

The thoughts are so plentiful.

The fantasy feeds on curiosity.

The emotions are transparent.

The look is unmistakable.

The condition is sometimes undetected.

Nevertheless, it happens,

in a word, in a sigh,

and in passing.

It happens.


Poem: Love Your Fellow Man

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Love your fellow man

as you love yourself.

Respect his feelings

as you respect your own.

Do not jump to conclusions

before finding out the facts.

Be objective in your thinking

and conservative with your opinions.

Do not relish in other’s pain and suffering.

Misfortune can happen to you.

It is better to love your fellow man

as you love yourself.

Be objective in your thinking

and conservative with your opinions.


Poem: Love Will Endure

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Love is the facilitator of goodwill,

bearer of good deeds,

messenger of kindness,

and root to happiness.

Love originated the world,

brings together families,

overcomes hate,

and solves problems.

When hate succumbs

and all is lost,

love will have won.


Poem: Anger

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Anger is a dangerous emotion.

It happens when things do not go according to plans.

It is fueled by discontent, unhappiness, and disorder.

It is sometimes uncontrollable.

It is always harmful

to self and others.

Anger is a release of bad vibes.

It is a reaction to a distasteful action.

Anger must be controlled.

If not, it could lead to irreversible deeds.

Once done, there is no turning back.

One must be careful of their reactions

and conscious of their thoughts.

Be careful not to get out of control

and be mindful of others.


Poem: I Feel You

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When there is a crack in your voice,

a look of distress on your face,

abruptness in your talk,

slowness in your walk,

I feel you.

I feel things are not going right in your life.

I feel the pain.

I feel the sadness.

I feel the hesitation to respond.

I feel the desire to release

but hesitation.

I feel, I notice, I reflect,

and I wonder

how are you dealing with your emotions.

I hope it is in a positive manner.

I hope you will make it through this trial and tribulation.

I am hoping, wondering, and praying

because I feel you.


Poem: Be You

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In life, you must learn to be you.

At times, it may seem hard

but doing it is a very good start

to lifelong happiness.

You must not try to please people

especially if you are not pleasing you.

You should not live by others standards.

Live by your own.

If you believe in something,

when others do not.

Do not be disappointed

and do not give up.

If you happen to be wrong,

at least you know

you were being you.

You should not have to follow a pattern.

You should not have to follow in anyone’s footsteps.

You should be able to make your own.

We were all born as individuals.

We all should live as individuals.

Accomplish that by being you.

Do not worry.

Do not be scared.

Just be you.


Poem: A Fallen Star

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You were once on top

winning awards

and starring in movies,

but now

your star has faded.

All the publicity

has turned to negativity

and your dreams

have faded away.